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East Cape Service Agents for KEENAN since 1995

When it comes to dairy and beef production getting more milk and beef from the same feed is absolutely essential, especially if forage stocks are down or encountering rises in local feed prices!

MechFiber® is a unique ration structure produced exclusively in KEENAN diet feeders that has been scientifically proven to produce more stable rumen conditions. This allows greater conversion of feed into meat and milk which in turn drives substantial margin gain.

  • KEENAN MechFiber300
  • KEENAN MechFiber320
  • KEENAN MechFiber345
  • KEENAN MechFiber365
  • KEENAN MechFiber400
  • 300, 10 cubic metre mixer wagon
  • 320, 14 cubic metre mixer wagon
  • 340, 16 cubic metre mixer wagon
  • 360, 20 cubic metre mixer wagon
  • Refurbished and used mixer wagons
  • Spreaders and bale shears.


24 hour support service, mechanical service and a full range of spares.